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Customer Notice 1 :
Shipping To European Union Countries Suspended (Arbitrary & Punitive Customs Fees)

As we've had a high percentage of shipments across the EU being held up, not delivered or more often refused by customers due to arbitrary and punitive customs fees (when parcels have complete customs forms) and illegal VAT duty charges (well in excess of 20%, with a high of nearly 70%) we've had to suspend shipments to the EU. We simply cannot ship to markets that have such lawless and unpredictable customs authorities. Please accept our sincere apologies for this unfortunate situation, one that is far outside our control. We hope that the situation is remedied and we can go back to serving our friends in the EU. Of course the companies unaffected by these "measures" are the large multinationals (aka "essential businesses"), so one wonders if this isn't simply policy ;)

Retailer & Manufacturer Note:

SYSTEM is interested in partnering with independent retailers and manufacturers (especially in the UK) who have high quality products. If you fit the bill please contact us via our contact form on the GP-Net Services site (


Last updated: May 9th 2024