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Customer Notice 1 :
Shipping To Italy & Belgium Suspended

As we've had a high percentage of shipments to Italy being held or not delivered by Poste Italiane (even tracked parcels) on clearly false premises we've had to suspend shipments to Italy. Please accept our apologies for this unfortunate situation that is outside our control. We strongly recommend our Italian friends contact their parliamentary representatives to pressure Poste Italiane to stop acting like a third-world banana republic style postal service and get their act together.

Belgium have unilaterally decided to apply their own fee on top of VAT (which they're unlawfully charging at 60% to 70%). This has resulted in customers quite rightly refusing delivery as they are being billed a punitive import cost which in many cases is more than double the cost of their total order.

Customer Notice 2 : 
Backlogs and Covid-19 Response

Due to the global response to Covid-19 there are still some major backlogs in the shipping systems around the world, so we ask for your patience as these slowly clear. We're operating normally, but there may be some delays to certain locations, so we ask that you regard our shipping times as targets and allow us a little leeway as the world slowly returns to an "old normal".

Retailer & Manufacturer Note:

SYSTEM is interested in partnering with independent retailers and manufacturers (especially in the UK) who have high quality products. If you fit the bill please contact us via our contact form on the GP-Net Services site (


Last updated: October 1st 2021