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Customer Feedback

We ask our customers to provide feedback (good, bad or ugly) via our online feedback form.

Below are the latest customer reviews (in reverse chronological order):

Really helpful, they spotted a mistake I made in the order and clarified with me. Really appreciated it.

Michael (UK)

22-07-2024 16:40

Brilliant site and brilliant, fast and responsive service! I love the consideration that goes into all the products that Scramble sell, they only sell what they have thoroughly tested and believe in. Just bought the G55 tarp set up. What a phenomenally well thought out piece of kit.

Sian (UK)

14-05-2024 06:50:30

G-55 tarp arrived next day. I am impressed with the quality and durability of the tarp - excellent value for money.

Craig (UK)

08-03-2024 12:30:59

Incredibly hasty and helpful responses from the customer support team. Despite losing my order for a month I sent in an inquiry and was able to quickly receive my initial PartsExpress Headband order (with tracking to Canada) alongside a bonus complementary second headband. Much love to the thorough communications from SYSTEM. Initially I was sceptical about the site after finding it through an audiophile Discord but those suspicions are dissolved. Great site with great prices!
[ SYSTEM note: initial order was lost in transit ]

Warren (Canada)

18-01-2024 04:41

The Blue Ice Warthog is brilliant. Used on two early winter trips including Glen Etive east last week and Glencoe yesterday. I’m preparing for my MLW assessment and needed a solid crap-free pack. Really happy with it. Thanks for operating a sensible, BS-free website.
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Karl (UK)

20-11-2023 13:12

Excellent communication resulting in an order at a good price that was swiftly delivered. I have no complaints whatsoever. Thank you.

David (UK)

29-07-2023 19:38:57

Probably the most helpful manufacturer/shop/retailer I've ever come across. I ordered quite a lot of items in two different orders, and this was noticed and everything was shipped out in one order (very quickly too). The pages for each item were very informative, and Scramble have their own reviews for many of the items listed (definitely should be read by anyone). Overall SYSTEM is an amazing website and service, and all the Scramble products I used were great too.

Sam (UK)

30-06-2023 13:51:36

The DACs Tarp poles exactly as described. Very fast delivery and very good communication.5/5 service. Thank you.

Robin (UK)

13-06-2023 20:04:28

I bought gear from Scramble a while back and was amazed by the quality and functionality. I’ve been putting it to the test in the Swedish Laplands, on the Corsica GR20 and in Africa, and next year some gear will join me to the South Pole. Just got a replacement for my stolen “Kovea Spider titanium windshield” - an awesome little product that makes a huge difference. Also I want to say the gear tests and recommendations that you do in Scramble has been a great help for me and others.
[ SYSTEM note: emailed to SYSTEM and posted here with customer permission ]

Erik (Global)

05-08-2022 17:14

I've always found Scramble's reviews to be helpful in choosing my gear. I've now placed two orders here too. Professional, friendly, personal service. Both the G-38 and G-55 tarps are of excellent quality and solve the very problems they're intended to solve. One very satisfied customer.

Mark (UK)

04-05-2022 16:34

Excellent service. The comprehensive and expert reviews they offer (which look at items working together as a system rather than as one-off pieces of kit) deserve to be widely read in the outdoor community. Their online shop deserves to be widely supported, they offer some excellent kit at great prices, plus some items which are really handy eg shockcord cut to length. Highly recommend them.

Andy (UK)

14-02-2022 15:40

Excellent quick service.

Ian (UK)

13-12-2021 20:14

The service is 10 out of 10. Speedy reply and prompt action. Strong recommended this seller if you're still hesitating.
[ SYSTEM note: bespoke order made after customer contacted us via email ]

Suvit (Thailand)

11-12-2021 10:33:48

I’d just like to say that the gear and equipment reviews on Scramble are excellent and I've really found them useful for choosing kit for different conditions, even though I’ve been a climber and hill-walker for just over 40 years. The quality of customer care on my query and now on making payment has also been brilliant so I’ll definitely be ordering more kit from you in the future (and have also recommended you to my mates). Excellent service.
[ SYSTEM note: emailed to SYSTEM and posted here with customer permission ]

Nick (UK)

03-12-2021 01:59

Customer support went above and BEYOND to make sure that I got my items (and they even sent out a replacement order) and I have nothing but gratitude for them. All delays (and grief for both parties) were caused by Poste Italiane's (Italy's national postal service) laziness and incompetence - something that GP-Net themselves noticed and had to take action against by suspending shipping to Italy. I don't blame them. If you're from another country then GP-Net absolutely deserves your business.

Robert (Italy)

31-08-2021 18:35

Just received 2 Scramble Tower 11l HEX pack extenders. Your service is very good and I'm happy with the product and the reasons why you designed it. I have a Gossamer Gear Silverback 55 and wanted to extend it for bulkier items. Your Towers are a little too long but I can work with them. I have a couple of suggestions for later models. 1) Extend the side connection loops along the full length to allow more compatibility with various packs. 2) Produce 6ltr versions for smaller packs.
[ SYSTEM note: suggestions passed on to Scramble Team @ ]

Peter (UK)

15-07-2021 15:46

Customer service above and beyond. Made me think that maybe I had traveled back in time, back to when companies really did value their customers. I don’t know what to say except thank you very much. Don't play the social media game but I do have a good circle of friends and colleagues, they are ALL going to hear about my experience with you.
[ SYSTEM note: emailed to SYSTEM and posted here with customer permission ]

Mat (USA)

11-06-2021 20:09

I've only just found Scramble and System, and regret not knowing about you earlier as your site has now become the go-to place for my next kit purchase. I love the quick and easy service, the instant shipping refund when you combined my two orders, the rapid delivery, and the quality of the kit. Plus your user instructions are straight to the point.

Mark (UK)

06-05-2021 18:06

Thanks for the great service. Cap arrived today very fast and a good Mountain Equipment cap. Thanks

Christopher (UK)

24-04-2021 16:07

Re. The Parts Express Headband: I was using Hama headbands before, but they are crap compared to these. Perfect fit and the swivel is perfect.
[ SYSTEM note: emailed to SYSTEM and posted here with customer permission ]

Geert (Netherlands)

19-04-2021 18:08

Excellent service. Clamcleat Tornado Titanium V pegs, mini and ultralight Carabiners at a good price arrived promptly. Made a double order and had my postage for both reimbursed when the two combined exceeded £30. Highly recommend and will shop again.

Alistair (UK)

18-03-2021 15:40

Thank you so much for your exemplary customer service. I hope you are successful through this difficult period.
[ SYSTEM note: emailed to SYSTEM and posted here with customer permission ]

Nick (UK)

22-02-2021 07:32

Excellent service and communication, goods arrived as stated. Need to increase variety of stock available on web page.

Garry (UK)

16-12-2020 13:26

Koss KSC75 Compatible Headband: Though headband, fits the Koss ksc75, super comfortable, very '80's style headphones on y head now! :) They included a 1/4" converter too. Nice product and online shop!!

Graziano (Italy)

29-10-2020 22:20

The G-38 tarp arrived on Thursday, thanks a lot. I had it out for the weekend canoeing, it was fantastic! Looking to buy the G-55 when it's back in stock.
[ SYSTEM note: emailed to SYSTEM and posted here with customer permission ]

Adam (UK)

13-10-2020 11:09

I bought a belt but had to return it for an exchange as the original was a bit tight. Service was excellent with both belts being sent out to me very quickly.

Bill (UK)

11-09-2020 20:18

Purchased Keela LW OP trousers. Fast and efficient service, quality item at bargain price. Pleasure to do business.

Chris (UK)

22-07-2020 12:57

Brilliant service. I ordered an ultralight tarp and the associated poles for minimal camping and, being new to all this, omitted a couple of key connectors to complete the system. After checking whether I had my own solution or whether it was an oversight, they suggested what I needed and added it to the order. Now hoping that the product is as good as the service.

Matt (France)

24-06-2020 18:54

I have received the order in the Canary Islands, Spain. Fast delivery and the product exactly like description. Thank you !

Jose (Spain)

01-04-2020 17:21

It was great to order from you! Great communications, very fast shipping, great service overall! Thank you! Will totally recommend to my friends!

Stanislav (Russia)

24-03-2020 08:06

Just wanted to say I've ordered a few things from you now and have to say I'm impressed with both the kit and the service. Love the G-55 tarp. Really well designed and manufactured. Love the ethos too and the fact you don't shove your logo on everything. Very refreshing. Keep up the great work!
[ SYSTEM note: emailed to Scramble and posted here with customer permission ]

Jamie (UK)

07-02-2020 22:02

Very impressed with my order, I bought a koss headband and paid for express delivery, it arrived the next day and they even refunded me £3 back towards the shipping cost without me asking them to do it, it just appeared in my paypal, so excellent customer service

Anita (UK)

30-12-2019 08:43

Excellent service, will order again. Thank you.

Roger (UK)

10-12-2019 19:56

Thank you for the fast refund and your responsiveness overall. It's nice to get customer support that actually lives up to its name.
[ SYSTEM note: item lost in transit ]

NL (France)

07-06-2019 16:35

Thanks very much for your very quick delivery of my order of DAC tarp poles.
[ SYSTEM note: submitted via email ]

Steve (Endurance Cyclist)

13-05-2019 15:58

Excellent service. Helpful support when I experienced problems making payment. Order despatched within hours of being placed. Looking forward to a more peaceful night next time I am camping in a gale thanks to some decent tent pegs..


03-09-2018 20:24

Really quick dispatch and delivery. Odlo top good quality as per Scramble review.


29-01-2018 11:08

The windshield arrived today and it fits perfectly into my kettle and the finish of the product is good. Can you thank the manufacturer. The inclusion of the sub zero is very welcome. I'd have no hesitation recommending the product and you as a retailer to friends.


28-01-2018 11:58

Exceptionally good service. I am a Finnish customer and had some technical problems with PayPal so I accidentally paid twice. The seller solved the problems and made the necessary refund and sent the products, all this within a couple of hours. This was admirable because the date was the 23rd December and they were officially closed for the holiday. Excellent, informative, polite service.


25-12-2017 07:02

Many thanks for getting the windshield to me so promptly, it arrived safely. Really like it - very simple but robust, clever design.


16-11-2017 19:40

Arrived in quick time and well packed - good service!


04-10-2017 05:48

Excellent service and product, highly recommended.


19-04-2017 20:46