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Separating the cart from the showroom

SYSTEM provides shopping cart, order processing / fulfilment, and customer service for its partners. By separating the shopping cart from the showroom, SYSTEM allows independent retailers and manufacturers to simply showcase their products on their own websites, in clean and uncluttered environments which they control and can configure as they please.

Although from within, SYSTEM looks and acts like a normal shop, it's actually served by its retailers "storefronts" (on their own domains) which link to the product pages on SYSTEM. Here's an example from one of our partner's sites:

Scramble's Available on Sytem Icon

SYSTEM has decentralised the storefronts but centralised the ordering process. This approach means customers can buy from multiple retailers from one trusted vendor whose speciality is serving you, the customer.

Because SYSTEM has to deal with any customer issues, we have a profound interest in the quality of our retail partners' offerings. If our customers are dissatisfied that creates additional work for us. Thus, it's in everyone's interest to make sure, where possible, that products sold on SYSTEM will not be returned; making customer satisfaction an absolute priority.

Our Partnerships

SYSTEM offers its retail partners optional hosting and design services. This makes it easier than ever for a small manufacturer or retailer to focus on sourcing or developing products, leaving their marketing and selling to SYSTEM. As Scramble puts it: "This allows us to get on with testing the best outdoor gear (our speciality) while they provide our customers with a first class (old fashioned, "customer is always right") shopping experience"

Our first partners are a good example:

  • Scramble is predominantly a review site, by partnering with SYSTEM they can recommend the full range of their top rated products, without having to source the entire catalog for sale. Where they stock an item they simply link to its product page on SYSTEM (as per the image above).
  • GP-Net Media sell the infamous Parts Express Headband, simply because they were frustrated by not being able to buy it in the UK, they now import it from the U.S. and sell it globally here on SYSTEM. They're currently working on an ultralight (<200g) backpacking tripod for Scramble and if testing goes to plan will make that available on SYSTEM.

If you are a retailer or small manufacturer and are interested in partnering with SYSTEM please contact us via (we look forward to hearing from you).