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Scramble Floating Pocket Pro (UL Map Bag)

New product

Extremely strong, ultralight (sub 30g) floating map pocket that can be worn around the neck, hung from a belt or clipped to a pack. Based on Granite Gear's Air Pocket, the Floating Pocket Pro is a little larger to better accommodate UK OS maps and comes with a removable neck cord. The Pro versions use premium fabrics from Porcher and DSM.

Colours:  Various Blues, Bronze, Grey

Warranty:  3 Years

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Scramble
Equipment Category Carry (Packs, Bags, Pouches)
Purpose Map Bag, Neck Pouch, Belt Pocket, Pack Pocket
Materials High-Tenacity PU Coated Micro Ripstop Nylons (32-60 g/sm)
Treatments PU Inner Coating
Properties Strong, Water Resistant, Ultralight
Dimensions 35cm (H) x 25cm (W)
Package Weight (approx.) 80 g / 2.82 oz
Item Weight 22 g / 0.78 oz (Skytex-32), 32 g / 1.13 oz (Dyneema) + 2g for cord

More info

Liberation from Bulky Map Cases and Jacket "Map Pockets"

Scramble designed the Floating Pockets primarily to be worn around the neck and to carry maps and associated navigation aids, however they can just as well be hung from a belt via the 5cm belt loops or used as ultralight pack pockets attached to a backpack with a carabiner or two - and they don't have to carry maps either.

The Pro versions are identical to the regular versions except they're made with some premium (i.e. expensive) technical fabrics from two European textile giants:

  • Dyneeam Ripstop (Egyptian Blue) is made by DSM, creators of Dyneema
  • Skytex-32 (Zanskar Blue-Green, Grey, Bronze) is made by Porcher Industries

Dyneema Ripstop

DSM's Dyneema Ripstop is a 40D nylon with a PU inner coating and has a slightly higher hydrostatic head (HH = 1000mm) than the lighter Skytex versions. This is a good choice for anyone using the Floating Pocket on the outside of a pack or on a belt, or if you simply want the most durable option available.


Porcher's Skytex-32 is a featherlight (32g/sqm), yet very strong fabric with a very dense weave, giving it a stiff, crinkly feel. It has almost no stretch (hard to describe, but it's somewhat like a wafer thin metallic paper). The very dense weave means it takes a stitch extremely well and this aids the overall integrity and strength of the bag. It has a lighter PU inner coating, but still provides a highly respectable water-resistance (HH = ~700mm). Ideal for use over the neck as a map bag.  

Important Note: Please be aware that due to its relative stiffness, this fabric is not silent and will make a rustling noise when handled, so if you're in a situation where stealth is essential (military, hunting, wildlife photography etc.) this will probably not be for you.

for higher quality images and a little more detail see Scramble's product release.

Key Differences: Granite Gear's Air Pocket vs Scramble's Floating Pocket Pro

The Floating Pocket Pro is a near clone of Granite Gear's large Air Pocket, however, there are some important differences:

  • Dimensions: The Floating Pocket Pro is 2cm taller and 3cm wider to better accommodate UK Ordnance Survey maps in waterproof zip-lock bags.
  • Neck Cord: The Floating Pocket Pro comes with a removable neck cord as standard which has a maximum cord loop of 75cm (50cm is generally sufficient to loop round the neck). The cord features a set and forget design (tying off the ends with a simple knot), has a breaking strength of 90kg and weighs just 2g (including slider). Granite Gear's Air Pocket doesn't come with any cord attachment.
  • Edging and Loops: We use strong grosgrain ribbon for both the loops and the reinforced edging, whereas Granite Gear only use it for their loops.
  • PU Coating: The Floating Pocket Pro versions are PU coated rather than Granite Gear's which is single side silicone coated. Scramble estimate they have approximately equivalent weather-resistance.
  • Colours: The Floating Pocket Pro is currently available in Zanskar Blue-Green, Bronze and Grey and Egyptian Blue for the heavier Dyneema model.

Why A Map Bag? (from Scramble's Release)

First off, map cases are heavy, awkward, bulky and rarely provide visible access to a sufficient number of OS map "panels" for those who cover large distances in miserable weather.

Outdoor brands use the phrase "map pocket" very loosely in our opinion. Yes, many jacket will hold a well folded Explorer OS map or two. My preference for all-weather map protection are the large (53 x 38cm) BCB snap seal bags reinforced at the edges with duct tape. These will show 6 panels of an Explorer OS map. This can then be folded, but these never fold perfectly and many jacket "map pockets" become a fiddly nuisance.

More important however, is the simple fact, that in warm or hot weather you're likely not  even wearing a jacket or your chosen jacket (lightweight wind-tops or softshells like Rab's Borealis) don't have any pockets - but you still need to know where you're going.


  • Dimensions (H x W): 35cm x 25cm
  • Weight (Skytex-32): 22g (+2g for cord)
  • Weight (Dyneema Ripstop): 32g (+2g for cord)
  • Made in the UK


  • Fabric (Skytex-32): Ultra densely woven nylon with a micro ripstop (32g / sqm)
  • Fabric (Dyneema Ripstop): 40D Nylon with Dyneema Ripstop (60g / sqm)
  • Coating: PU inner
  • Zips: YKK Reverse Coil (with tab-less slider)
  • Cord: 2mm Polyester (16 windings, 90kg breaking strength, max 75cm neck loop, adjustable = 2g)
  • Loops and Edging Reinforcement: 20mm Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Thread: Rot-Proof Nylon