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Edelrid Multicord SP 2.5mm


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Edelrid's classic Multicord SP is a strong and durable accessory cord with minimal elongation and excellent knotability, making it a great alternative to paracord for those that want to keep bulk and weight to a minimum. Compatible with Clamcleat Line-Lok mini cord adjusters.

Sold per meter (e.g. quantity of 5 = a continuous 5m length of cord).

NOTE: Not to be used for climbing !!!

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Edelrid
Equipment Category Shelter (Tarps, Tents, Accessories)
Purpose Multi Purpose
Materials Polyamide (Nylon)
Treatments Thermo Shield
Properties Lightweight, Strong, Abrasion Resistant, Durable, Easy to Knot
Weight 3.2 g (per meter)
Dimensions 2.5mm Diameter

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A Great Alternative to Paracord for the Weight Conscious

With a breaking strength of 100kg and weighing in at just 3.2g per meter, Edelrid's classic Multicord SP 2.5mm is strong and tough enough for most tasks yet competitively light-weight. Multicord SP is ideal for attaching gear to packs, hanging mosquito nets from tarps, making essential repairs, lowering packs during tricky descents and everything else that cordage is used for (except climbing !!).

Scramble recommend Dyneema 1.5mm cord for guy lines; it's stronger, lighter and has practically zero elongation, but what the Multicord SP has over the Dyneema cord is that it's much easier to work with, more abrasion resistant (due to its nylon outer) and far better for knotting. Ultimately it's a more versatile, all-round cord and very useful to have in your pack, especially when undertaking long distance treks. 

Scramble Editor's Note: "Edelrid's Multicord continues to impress. On the recent kit test it bailed me out for broken laces, replaced cord on my trail gaiters and was able to replace the hood cinch cord on my sleeping bag which came free. It's slightly stiff and wiry, extremely durable and strong and very easy to work with for repairs in the field. Being just 2.5mm it also seems to fit through most openings. Outstanding stuff - less bulky and more versatile than paracord".  

Technical Specification

  • Diameter: 2.5 mm
  • Weight (per meter): 3.2 g
  • Max. Breaking Strength: 1.0 kN (~ 100 kg)
  • Material: Nylon (Polyamide) with Multistrand Inner Core
  • Excellent knotability and handling, minimal elongation
  • Color code: Sahara (Orange)
  • Tested by a UIAA-approved institute for breaking strength (CE 0123 EN 564)
  • Bluesign approved product
  • Made in Germany