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Edelrid Aranya Wiregate Carabiner (73mm, 13g)

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A flat-sided, wire-gate gear carabiner with good gate clearance and an impressive strength to weight ratio; weighing just 13g with a static load breaking strength of 250kg.

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NOTE: Not to be used for climbing !!!

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Edelrid
Equipment Category Carry (Packs, Bags, Pouches)
Materials Aluminium Alloy
Properties Lightweight, Strong
Height 73 mm
Width 46 mm (widest point)
Package Weight (approx.) 30 g / 1.06 oz
Item Weight 13 g / 0.46 oz

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An Impressively Light Gear Carabiner for Handling Heavier Loads

Extremely handy for attaching gear to packs (and everything else, except for climbing, that carabiners are used for).

The Aranya is the largest of Edelrid's wire gate accessory carabiners and though NOT suitable for climbing (supporting dynamic loads), these can handle heavy static loads (e.g. lowering kit during a descent). The Aranya has a breaking strength (along its major axis) of 250 kg.

Overall, an outstanding, lightweight (13g) carabiner for handling heavier than normal loads.


  • Gate Clearance: 30mm
  • Width (widest part): 46mm
  • Length: 73mm
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Breaking Strength (major axis): 250 kg
  • Weight: 13g