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Extremities Power Liner Wrist Gaiter

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Winter trekkers that like the flexibility of a modular cold-weather glove, will know that layer 1 has to be the wrist gaiter. Made from "warm-when-wet" Polartec Power Stretch, the Extremities Power Liner Wrist Gaiter is one of Scramble's three picks in their modular glove for sub-zero conditions

Colour: Black

Size: S/M, L/XL (see sizing below)

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Extremities
Clothing Section Head, Hands & Feet
Clothing Layer Base & Light Active Layers
Sub-Type Activity - Dynamic
Purpose Cold Climate
Materials Polartec Power Stretch (88% polyester, 12% spandex plain knit)
Properties Lightweight
Package Weight (approx.) 120 g / 4.23 oz
Item Weight 38 g / 1.34 oz (S/M)

More info

Extremities Polartec Power Stretch Wrist Gaiter - Layer 1 for a Modular Sub Zero Glove

Scramble regard the wrist gaiter as an essential piece of winter kit. Power Stretch's ability to keep you warm when wet is the main reason the Extremities Power Liner Wrist Gaiter is so good. On its own, the Extremities Wrist Gaiter provides just enough warmth to take the edge of a bitter chill, and is all one should require trekking through the lowlands or where there's shelter from harsh winter winds. It has zero effect on dexterity and when paired with a good Power Stretch Glove (like those from Mountain Equipment, Rab, Montane) the total warmth is sufficient to stave off windchill (i.e. "feels-like" temperatures) down to around -20°C.

The Modular Approach (mainly stolen from Scramble's review)

Whether crunching across frozen bogs in sheltered lowlands or front-pointing up steep icy slopes, during multi-day long distance winter treks, conditions and activities will vary to such a degree that a modular, layered glove is a must for maintaining dexterity in sub-zero temperatures. The first layer in Scramble's recommended modular glove is still the Extremities Power Liner Wrist Gaiter.

The Extremities Power Liner Wrist Gaiter covers the wrist, palm and back of the hand with a thin, close fitting Polartec Power Stretch fleece and when worn underneath a decent cold weather baselayer does a good job of protecting the wrist and hand, as it:

1) follows the contours of your hand and traps warmth more effectively than a thumb-looped cuff,
2) provides an additional layer (assuming you're wearing a long sleeve baselayer top), and
3) will keep you warm when wet

Scramble recommend an inexpensive 3-layered dexterity combination and an emergency purely thermal option to keep frostbite at bay.

  • Dexterity Components: 1. Extremities Power Liner Wrist Gaiter (as a permanent fixture)
  • Dexterity Components: 2. (Any Good) Polartec Power Stretch (touch screen) Glove
  • Dexterity Components: 3. Amara Half Finger Sailing Glove (for rock / ice axe use)
  • Emergency Warmth: Buffalo DP Mitts

About Polartec Power Stretch

  • Composition: 88% polyester, 12% spandex plain knit
  • Lightweight: Superb warmth to weight ratio
  • Warm when wet and quick to dry
  • Wicking: Capillary action moves moisture away from the skin. Acts like a baselayer glove but can handle direct exposure to the elements.
  • Breathable with sufficient wind resistance to take the edge off harsh winds
  • Excellent dexterity: Body-hugging 4-way stretch and recovery provides unrestricted freedom of movement and reinforced elastic fibers ensure the fabric consistently rebounds after stretching.


Measure around the widest part of the hand just below the knuckle.

S/M:  For hand-sizes between 7.5" - 8.5"

L/XL:  For hand-sizes between 9" - 10"  

Scramble's editor has 8.5" hands and prefers the S/M for a snug fit (though does say this puts a little more stress on the finishing stitching at the top).

In use : Image 1) The Power Liner Wrist Gaiters; Image 2) Under a Mountain Equipment Power Stretch Touch Glove and a cheap Amara Cut-Finger Sailing Glove

The Extremities Power Liner Wrist Gaiter

The Power Liner Wrist Gaiter under a Mountain Equipment Power Stretch Touch Glove and Amara Cut-Finger Sailing Glove