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Marlow Ropes 4mm Dyneema Shockcord (sold per meter)


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With a highly abrasion resistant and durable 12-plait Dyneema cover and a parallel-threaded natural rubber core, the 4mm Dyneema shockcord by Marlow Ropes is a great option for climbers, scramblers and anyone that puts extreme stress on their gear.

Sold per meter (e.g. quantity of 5 = a continuous 5m length of cord).

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Marlow Ropes
Equipment Category Carry (Packs, Bags, Pouches)
Materials Natural Rubber Core, 12 Plait Dyneema Cover
Properties Highly Abrasion Resistant, Extremely Durable, Strong Lasting Rebound, Good Retention Under Load
Weight 12.5 g per meter
Dimensions 4 mm Diameter

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Dyneema Shockcord for Environments of the Stressful Kind

Marlow Ropes' Dyneema Shockcord offers all the benefits of Marlow's excellent marine shockcord, however the Dyneema cover offers greater durability with increased abrasion resistance and lower friction. 

This is an excellent choice for high-wear / high-stress uses where environmental factors (such as sharp rock and abrasive undergrowth) may wear the cord. Dyneema Shockcord excels in use on external pack fixings for scrambling and climbing.

In terms of the three types of shockcord Scramble recommend, this is the most heavy duty and robust. Each has a different cover and use-case:

  • Polypropylene : 3mm Lastoflex (the lightest and cheapest; great for internal uses such as tent poles, or light-wearing external fixings)
  • Polyester : 3mm Marlow Premium Marine (a slightly heavier cord and in Scramble's experience, the best all-round, general purpose shockcord on the market)
  • Dyneema® : 4mm Marlow Dyneema (a tough and heavy duty yet competitively lightweight shockcord for high stress uses)  

In summary, if you need shockcord for a part of your kit that's going to take a battering, this 4mm cord from Marlow Ropes is an excellent choice. 

Materials, Construction & Technical Specification

Material & Construction

  • Core: Natural Rubber (Parallel Rubber Threads)
  • Cover: 12 Plait Dyneema®


  • Diameter:  4 mm
  • Weight (per meter, measured slack, not elongated):  12.5 g
  • Min / Max Load at 100% Elongation :  1.3 Kg / 2.0 Kg

About Dyneema

Dyneema® is an UHMwPE (Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene) or HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) fibre developed by DSM in the Netherlands some 30 years ago. Known as the world’s strongest, lightest fiber – 15 times stronger than steel, yet floats on water – Dyneema® works to stop bullets, repair human joints and improve the longevity of apparel. So what makes Dyneema® so special?

  • High Strength: On a weight for weight basis, Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than steel wire.
  • Light Weight: Size for size, a rope made with Dyneema® is 8 times lighter than steel wire rope.
  • Water resistant: Dyneema® is hydrophobic and does not absorb water, meaning it remains light when working in wet conditions.
  • UV Resistant: Dyneema® has very good resistance to photo degradation, maintaining its performance when exposed to UV light

About Marlow Ropes

Marlow Ropes are an elite rope and cord manufacturer with an enviable global reputation. Their high tech ropes and cords are used across a wide range of industries and activities from spaceflight to deep sea marine, from abseiling to elite yachting.

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