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Innorel B19 Mini Ball Head


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Innorel's B19 is a light and durable, mini ball head with a 3kg max load.  Made from CNC machined, anodised aluminium alloy, the B19 weighs in at 64g (including the 3/8" to 1/4" adapter).

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Innorel
Equipment Category Photo / Video
Sub-Type Ball Head
Materials CNC Aluminium Alloy
Treatments Anodised
Properties Lightweight, Durable, Packable
Dimensions 50 x 27 x 19 mm
Package Weight (approx.) 130 g / 4.59 oz
Item Weight 65 g / 2.29 oz

More info

The Innorel B19:  One of the best sub-70g mini ball heads around

When GPN Meda we were testing mini ball heads for the Scrambler ultralight modular tripod (a Scramble and GP-Net Media collaboration) the three stand-outs were Highlights' S2Q (versions 1 & 2), Andoer's MT-04 and Innorel's B19.

For those that may find the Highlights S2Q too small GPN wanted to offer something chunkier. One of the two stand-outs in the mini-mid-weight class was Innorel's B19 (which seems to get glowing reviews on forums and retail sites we won't mention).

Innorel are well known for their high quality tripods and their B19 mini ball head is made to the same standard. It's a superbly machined, durable and reliable ball head with a secure lock and a 3kg max load. The locking screw knob simultaneously locks the ball and panning base. The B19 weighs 63g without the 1g adapter that ships with it.

For a little more background on the B19 and why GPN chose it for their Scrambler Tripod, see their post on Studio.


  • Main Material (Machining Process):  Aluminium Alloy (CNC)
  • Thread / Interface:   3/8" (native) with 1/4" adapter
  • Maximum Load:  3 kg
  • Dimensions (Height x Base Diameter x Ball Diameter):  50 x 27 x 19 mm
  • Item Weight:  63 g (+1g for adapter)