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Feichao Cold Shoe Mount (with 1/4" Hex Screw Fitting)


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A simple and ultralight cold shoe mount with access at both sides and no stopping screw. Feichao's simplest cold shoe adapter is made from CNC machined aluminium alloy, uses a 1/4" hex screw for a more secure fitting and weighs just 10g.

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Feichao
Equipment Category Photo / Video
Sub-Type Accessories (Screws, Adapters ...)
Purpose Quick Release
Materials CNC Aluminium Alloy
Treatments Anodised
Properties Simple, Compact, Lightweight
Dimensions 23 x 18 x 9 mm
Package Weight (approx.) 60 g / 2.12 oz
Item Weight 10 g (+ 6 g for key) / 0.35 (+ 0.21 oz for key)

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Feichao's Minimalist, Ultralight Cold Show Mount

Feichao are a major (but lesser known) manufacturer of high quality camera and studio accessories as well as specialists in underwater and drone photography.  Their cold shoe mount is about as unfussy and minimalist as you're going to get which is exactly what GPN Media wanted to pair with the Dual Cubic Mount on their Scrambler UL modular tripod

Cold shoe mounts are the kind of accessory that you generally want permanently attached to your camera, tripod or cage for when you need to slot in an accessory like a mic or LED light. A hex screw (many come with slotted screws) allows for a far more secure and permanent mount. In addition, Feichao make a useful D-Ring which GPN use on their Scrambler Tripod which has a hex driver at the end of its screw mount, so the D-Ring can be removed and used to fasten the cold shoe without the need to carry an Allen Key or wrench. 

GPN's unorthodox application shows just how versatile the cold shoe is as a quick release component.  Via a Dual Cubic Mount, the Fecihao Cold Shoe enables a stabilising 4th leg to be slotted onto the Scrambler Tripod (as pictured here) when on uneven or rocky terrain. Some cold shoe mounts only allow access from one side (some use a stopping screw which often gets lost), GPN specifically wanted a cold shoe to as a vertical mount, so their Leg #4 could be slotted in from either side and secured with a simple twist. 

Obviously, there are many uses for the Feichao mount and this is why GPN Media offer each component individually.


The Feichao Cold Shoe Mount comes with a 1/4" Hex Screw and Allen Key.


  • Main Material (Machining Process):  Aluminium Alloy (CNC)
  • Thread / Interface:  1/4"-20 UNC
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):  23 x 18 x 9 mm
  • Item Weight 10 g  (+ 6 g for the Allen Key)