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Feichao Cold Shoe Threaded Adapter with Single Locking Nut

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A very useful cold shoe plate and adapter with a 3/8" outer thread and a 1/4" threaded inner. Available on its own or with a single silver locking nut. Made from CNC machined and sandblasted aluminium alloy and weighing just 6g (or 13g including the locking nut).

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Feichao
Equipment Category Photo / Video
Sub-Type Accessories (Screws, Adapters ...)
Purpose Quick Release
Materials CNC Aluminium Alloy
Treatments Anodised, Sandblasted, Oxidised
Properties Simple, Compact, Lightweight
Dimensions 18 x 11.5 mm (Nut Diameter: 25mm)
Package Weight (approx.) 60 g / 2.12 oz
Item Weight 6 g (+ 7 g for nut) / 0.21 oz (+ 0.25 oz for nut)

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Feichao's Cold Shoe Plate, Threaded Adapter & Locking Nut

The Feichao Cold Shoe Plate has a threaded 1/4" female adapter built in and is available with or without the locking nut.  The locking nut has a 3/8" thread and screws down to lock the plate in a cold shoe mount. However, not everyone will need this particular nut as a number of other 3/8" threaded accessories can do this job equally well.

For example, GPN Media recommend a Female 3/8" to Female 1/4" knurled adapter as a cold shoe locking nut for their Leg #4 component (part of their Scrambler UL Modular Tripod).  Cold shoes are extremely versatile mounting accessories with myriad uses. The Feichao Cold Shoe Plate and Locking Nut is perhaps the most elegant solution when you need to provide a temporary 1/4" female interface for your male threaded accessories. For this reason GPN Media offer each of their tripod components individually.


  • Main Material (Machining Process):  Aluminium Alloy (CNC)
  • Thread / Interface:  1/4"-20 UNC
  • Dimensions (H x W x Nut Diameter):  18 x 11.5 x 25mm
  • Item Weight 6 g  (+ 7 g for the Locking Nut)