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Ultralight Wiregate Carabiner (50mm, 5g)

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Ultralight, compact, general purpose wiregate carabiners made from anodised aluminium alloy and weighing just 5.4g.

NOTE: Not to be used for climbing !!!

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Generics
Equipment Category Carry (Packs, Bags, Pouches)
Materials Aluminium Alloy
Treatments Anodised
Properties Ultralight, Compact
Dimensions 50 x 26 x 3 mm
Package Weight (approx.) 30 g / 1.06 oz
Item Weight 5.4 g / 0.19 oz

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An Excellent General Purpose Aluminium Carabiner

Extremely handy for attaching gear to packs (and everything else, except for climbing, that carabiners are used for).

Scramble were looking for a smaller (but still very functional) standard wiregate carabiner for attaching the Scrambler UL Tripod to their packs.  The 57mm was a little too large and the 35mm (though great for cord / tarp based applications) is not so good for attaching equipment to backpacks. 

In addition, the various carabiners Scramble do sell are not budget options, so they wanted to offer a range that was a little less pricey yet still very capable and reliable. These 50mm aluminium alloy wiregate carabiners have a narrower gate opening (10mm) than their 57mm counterparts and the anodising is not quite as refined. But for the vast majority of applications these will be more than adequate.

Technical Specification

  • Height: 50 mm
  • Width (at widest point): 26 mm
  • Gate opening:  ~10 mm
  • Opening type : Wiregate
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Weight: 5.4 g