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Edelrid Lite Bag 30 (Scramble Mod)


New product

Designed for Canyoning, the Edelrid Lite Bag 30 is an ultralight, highly packable, top-loading day-pack with a drawstring closure, adjustable straps and a drainage hole in the base. It had one weakness and this has been remedied via Scramble's minor draw cord and stopper modification.

Colour: Slate / Oasis

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Edelrid
Equipment Category Carry (Packs, Bags, Pouches)
Purpose Food Pack, Day-Pack, Canyoning
Materials Polyamide (Nylon)
Properties 30L Capacity, High Strength to Weight, Ultralight
Dimensions Flat : 50 cm (H) x 40 cm (W)
Package Weight (approx.) 200 g / 7.05 oz
Item Weight 104 g / 3.67 oz

More info

The Lite Bag 30 : Made by Edelrid, Upgraded by Scramble

The Edelrid Lite Bag 30 (LB30) is as an ultralight canyoning pack with adjustable shoulder straps and a minimal pack size. It's a simple, top-loading day pack with a drawstring closure at the top and a drainage hole in the base. Scramble have been using them as food bags and return journey "carry-on / travel packs" for the past few years. They offer their modified version here.

Why The Modification?

There was one weakness that the Lite Bag 30 had which had (until they fixed it) prevented Scramble from recommending it. The standard Edelrid LB30's drawstring cord stop, when under a heavy load (8 - 10 kg, perhaps beyond what Edelrid envisioned), wouldn't maintain its cinched closure and would drift open.  You can read more in their "special mention" review here.

The Minor Mod

The problem is solved with the substitution of two components: the draw cord and the cord stopper. Scramble have employed the following:

The product ships with original cord and cord-lock included as extras in a zip-lock bag.

Recommended Additions (note: these do not ship with the product)

For anyone interested in using the LB30 as a day-pack Scramble recommend a couple of additional items (or their equivalents) :  

Features & Uses

  • Recommended use: Scrambling, Speed Hiking, Climbing, Canyoning, Food Supply Pack
  • Features: Drawstring closure; drainage hole, wider straps for extra-load carry
  • Volume: 30 L
  • Weight: 104 g

About Edelrid

Edelrid have been making ropes for over 150 years. They invented kernmantle ropes in 1953 which greatly reduced rope breakage. In 2006 Edelrid became part of the Vaude Group, and are predominantly known for their climbing ropes, harnesses, carabiners and helmets.