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Storm Titanium Ultralight V Peg (Scramble)


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An extremely strong ultralight titanium tent peg with a V-profile. The Storm peg comes out of the same factory as the highly regarded Tornado and is basically a slimmed down version. It handles hard and icy ground well; a great all-round tent peg for those that want to beef-up their kit and lighten their load.

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Scramble
Equipment Category Shelter (Tarps, Tents, Accessories)
Materials Titanium
Treatments Heat Treated, Sandblasted
Properties Strong, Durable, Corrosion Resistant, Ultralight
Height 16 cm
Package Weight (approx.) 25 g / 0.88 oz
Item Weight 10 g / 0.35 oz

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A great all-rounder for the weight conscious

Extremely robust, durable and corrosion resistant.  The Storm V-peg is the slim brother of the Tornado; it's made by the same people and has the same sandblasted finish. 

Titanium is 1.6 times as dense (i.e. heavier) than aluminium but 2 times stronger. Replacing titanium with air (i.e. holes) is a great way to save weight, and because titanium is so strong the structural integrity isn't compromised to any meaningful degree.

These are great pegs for mixed terrain and they perform similarly to the heavier aluminium Y-pegs on SYSTEM. They're lighter, stronger and provide a similar hold. The Storm pegs allows you to beef up your kit and save a few grams at the same time, that's a rarity and that (and the fact that titanium is not cheap) is why they cost more,

As with all the tent pegs on SYSTEM, you can buy just one or as many as you like.

Technical Specification

  • Length: 16.0cm /6.25"
  • Weight (per item): 10 g
  • Material: Titanium (heat-treated / sand-blasted Ti 6Al-4V)

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