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Aluminium Alloy Square Nail Peg (Scramble)


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An excellent lightweight (10g) and strong (7075 aluminum) utility nail peg with a sloped head. Handy for securing shelter openings and for pegging down sleeping mat protectors on steep slopes.

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Scramble
Equipment Category Shelter (Tarps, Tents, Accessories)
Materials 7075 Aluminium Alloy
Treatments Anodised
Properties Strong, Durable, Lightweight, Rounded Top
Height 16 cm
Package Weight (approx.) 25 g / 0.88 oz
Item Weight 10 g / 0.35 oz

More info

A lightweight utility peg; ideal for hooped bivvies, tunnel tents and down jackets

Made from lightweight and corrosion-resistant 7075 grade anodised aluminum alloy, these nail pegs are ideal for areas around the shelter where you sit and sleep. Due to their sloped head and rounded edges, these won't rip your expensive insulated jacket or your favourite down quilt.  They perform well on hard ground and make a great backup utility peg. 

They are not likely to be the mainstay of your tent peg arsenal, but they're very useful as backups and for securing doors and "non-critical" attachment points and they take up very little space and don't weigh much either. They work very well with hooped bivvies and solo tunnel tents where attachment points are often in close proximity to the user.

You can read more about these pegs in Scramble's tent peg review.

As with all the tent pegs on SYSTEM, you can buy just one or as many as you like.

Technical Specification

  • Length: 16.0cm / 6.25"
  • Weight (per item): 10 g
  • Material: 7075 Anodised Aluminium Alloy

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