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Helly Hansen Dry Revolution & Elite 2.0 Baselayer Tops

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HH Dry Revolution & Elite 2.0 baselayers feature a full stretch, seamless construction providing free unrestricted movement and maximum comfort for highly aerobic activities. Scramble's top pick in their Lightweight Baselayer category.

Colour: Various

Sizes: M (38" - 40"), L (40.5" - 42.5"), XL (43" - 46")

only Revolutions left !!
Size L = Orange; XL = Blue

*see sizing below

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£ 25.00


RRP: £ 50.00

Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Helly Hansen
Clothing Section B1 - Upper Body
Clothing Layer Base & Light Active Layers
Sub-Type Activity - Dynamic
Purpose Multi Purpose
Materials 97% Polypropylene, 3% Elastane
Properties Lightweight
Package Weight (approx.) 260 g / 9.17 oz
Item Weight 140 g / 4.94 oz (Large)

More info

The Helly Hansen Dry Revolution and Elite 2.0 LS Baselayers

Helly Hansen's Dry Revolution and Dry Elite baselayers are different releases of ostensibly the same item, with the Elite 2.0 being the later release. There are some superficial differences but in terms of how they perform, sizing, comfort and price, they're the same: it's more about styling. For this reason we lump them together.

The HH Dry Revolution is Scramble's top pick in their Lightweight Baselayer category.

Scramble have tested numerous lightweight all-round baselayers, and the HH Dry Revolution / Elite baselayers came out on top. The main reasons:

  • ability to move moisture away from the skin
  • ease of movement, stretch fabric makes an excellent second skin
  • minimal number of seams (just at the arms and shoulders) and flatlock seam design means there is zero rub/chaffing
  • very luxuriant and non-synthetic feel to the fabric, you really don't notice you're wearing it
  • extremely comfortable and hard wearing for such a lightweight item

Helly Hansen have pretty much nailed it with these top of the range HH Dry baselayers. We just hope they continue to produce them.

Baselayers: The Biggest Bang for Your Buck

The baselayer is the most important clothing layer; investing in a good one gets you the most bang for your buck versus all other clothing items (outside possibly footwear). Why?

To change from a liquid to a gas, water requires energy. So when we sweat, or when moisture in our clothes evaporates, the fluid draws energy warmth from our body to make the transformation. In hot weather, we sweat and this can keep us cool, however in a cold climate this works against you. Water conducts heat away from your body 25 times faster than air. As we sweat in cold weather we replace the warm air trapped between our clothing layers with sweat. Then as the wet clothing dries on your body, heat is lost by evaporation. It is for this reason high wicking base and mid layers are important as they keep moisture off your skin.

Here's what Helly Hansen have to say:

A Long Sleeve Technical Baselayer With Seamless Construction For Ultimate Comfort & Function

HH Dry Revolution / Elite features the unique Lifa fibre technology in a full stretch and seamless construction providing free unrestricted movement and maximum comfort for highly aerobic activities in a wide range of conditions, such as skiing, running, climbing / scrambling, fast-paced hiking and sailing. The HH®Dry Revolution / Elite baselayers combine quick-dry, lightweight and breathable performance from Lifa's Stay dry technology, the unique ingredient of all Helly Hansen baselayers perfected over the last 40 years.

The HH Dry Revolution / Elite fabric is made from new Lifa fibres that are even softer and more effective at drawing excess heat and sweat away from your skin, allowing you to maintain an optimum body temperature throughout your activities. Lifa stripes add a splash of colour to the lower sleeves.

See it in action via the HH sales pitching "ambassador":


  • HH®Dry Elite 160g/m²
  • Lifa® Stay dry technology
  • Super stretch
  • Seamless technology
  • Allergy neutral
  • Non itch fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Dry next to skin

Sizing / Measuring

Helly Hansen are always a little on the small side. Here's their sizing for Base Layers:

Medium: chest: 39-41.5"
Large: chest: 41.5-43.5"
Extra Large: chest: 43.5-46"

Scramble suggest:

Medium: chest: 38.5-41"
Large: chest: 41-43"
Extra Large: chest: 43-45.5"

So basically, HH are about half an inch out in our opinion.