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Tornado Titanium V Peg (Clamcleat, Scramble)

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A super-strong titanium tent peg with a V-profile. The Tornado pegs are extraordinarily tough and can be driven into very hard baked or frozen ground without buckling, but they come into their own when you need a reliable anchor in moist ground, loose soil or snow.

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Clamcleat
Equipment Category Shelter (Tarps, Tents, Accessories)
Materials Titanium
Treatments Heat Treated, Sandblasted
Properties Ultra Strong, Secure, Large Surface Area
Height 16.4 cm
Package Weight (approx.) 35 g / 1.23 oz
Item Weight 16 g / 0.56 oz (Scramble), 19 g / 0.67 oz (Clamcleat)

More info

Probably the best all-round heavy duty tent peg around

Tough as nails, for when you need a reliable anchor. The titanium Tornado peg’s large surface area makes it ideal for use in soft ground, loose soil and snow, but it will handle much harder ground too and is designed to take a beating.

Out of all the ultra-strong pegs Scramble have tested these are possibly the most versatile and it's well worth having a few of these in your arsenal when you absolutely need to be locked down.

Clamcleats hammered the Tornado peg into a piece of wood and tried to bend it to no avail; Scramble have tested these for many years and in their experience, the Tornado is practically indestructible. The Tornado is Scramble's top pick for critical anchor points in mixed ground, saturated or loose soil and snow (see their tent peg review for more info).

Scramble & Clamcleats Versions

For those that don't know, Clamcleats are predominantly a plastic forming manufacturer who specialise in cleats and other cord-based solutions. They are not a titanium metals manufacturer and as such they source and import all their tent pegs. Scramble do the same (and for certain products) from the same manufacturer. However, Scramble maintain their relationship with Clamcleats to ensure continuity of supply.

In terms of surface area / coverage, materials and performance these tent pegs are practically identical (you'd not notice a difference unless pointed out and/or placed on the scales).  However, the Scramble versions are around 3g lighter which is in part due to the sandblasting process; the Scramble version has a more refined, slightly less granular finish. In terms of alloy, both use heat-treated and sand-blasted Ti 6Al-4V which, because it can be heat-treated, is significantly stronger than commercially pure titanium grades. Scramble prefer their version for the 3g saving with no noticeable performance drop.

As with all the tent pegs on SYSTEM, you can buy just one or as many as you like.

Note: We use Clamcleat's current price as the reference RRP.  Clamcleats have raised their prices in 2024 and so now there is a 25p premium on their version, which is still cheaper on SYSTEM than at Clamcleats).

Technical Specification

  • Length: 16.4cm / 6.5"
  • Weight (per item): 19 g  (Clamcleat),  16 g (Scramble)
  • Material: Titanium (heat-treated / sand-blasted Ti 6Al-4V)

In Use

Scramble's UL Tarp Setup

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