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DAC Featherlite NSL 10.5mm 3 Section Tarp / Tent Pole


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3 section ultralight DAC NSL tarp / tent poles for the weight conscious distance trekker / bike packer. Standing 123 cm tall (45 cm packed) and weighing just 86g, these poles will extend your head space and lighten your load.

Note: Includes end tips (pictured) and 3mm white shock cord.

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer DAC
Equipment Category Shelter (Tarps, Tents, Accessories)
Materials DAC TH72M Anodized Aluminium
Properties Ultralight, High Strength, Flex
Height 123 cm (45 cm packed)
Dimensions 10.5mm Diameter
Package Weight (approx.) 300 g / 10.58 oz
Item Weight 86 g / 3.03 oz

More info

DAC - Heavy Weights of the Ultralight

DAC are synonymous with ultralight tent design. Nordisk, Hilleberg, MSR, Nemo, Terra Nova, Sierra Designs (and many many more) all use DAC poles in their lightweight offerings. The reason is simple, they're the best performing ultralight poles available. In addition they're also the most environmentally friendly due to their anodizing process (traditionally a toxic and filthy operation) which negates the need for nitric and phosphoric acid.

Not only are DAC poles lighter than most, they're also remarkably strong, which means when used with a lightweight tarp, a lower diameter pole will suffice, yielding additional weight savings.

Scramble have tested the 10.5mm DAC Featherlite NSL 3 section pole with their G-55 2-person tarp and recommend the 10.5mm poles for tarps > 300g. These poles have performed superbly in gale force conditions and in heavy snow, rain and hail. In high winds or under snow loads they flex but don't break. For those that rely on their tarps Scramble also recommend carrying a DAC Pole Repair Sleeve (11g for the 10.5mm poles) which can be used to provide additional support in very stormy conditions. So rather than a repair sleeve, Scramble regard these as support sleeves so repairs don't become necessary.

Who are they for?

These are ideal for ultralight trekking, bike packing / cycle touring when used with a 1 or 2-person tarp + bivvy setup. Scramble use these poles with their G-55 UL Deluxe Solo / 2 Person Tarp.

This 3-section front pole pairs well with the 2-section 9mm pole as a back pole for a 2 pole tarp setup for tarps in the 5 square meter and above range. This robust 2-pole combination weighs just 133g in total.


The Poles are finished with a DAC NSL Round Cap on one end and a DAC NSL Long Tip on the other and are threaded with 3mm shock-cord which provides better retention over time than 2mm cord and adds only a few grams. The cord is attached just prior to dispatch (to prevent loss of elasticity during storage). If you'd rather fit the cord yourself, let us know by email when you order.

The 3 section poles are 123 cm tall when extended and weigh just 86g. When packed they stand 45cm tall and will easily fit down the side of most packs.

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Not everyone uses trekking poles (in fact none of the Scramble team do) and Scramble have adapted trekking pole ends to work as attachment points for their G-55 (as the DAC 140 Arch Connector only works with 9mm poles). These fit very nicely on the end of these 10.5mm poles and are available here. Or you can simply make your own (you just need a ferrule, some strong cord and a drill). 


  • Extended Height: 123 cm
  • Packed Height: 45 cm
  • Diameter: 10.5 mm
  • Total Weight: 86 g
  • Material: DAC TH72M Anodized Aluminium

In use, the 10.5mm DAC poles with Scramble's G-Mod 55:

Scramble's G-Mod 55 UL Tarp Setup

The DAC Featherlite NSL Pole with the G-Mod 55

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