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Sea To Summit Nano Mosquito Pyramid Net (1 Person)


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Ultralight, permethrin treated, mosquito nets that provide excellent coverage for minimal weight (~85g) and pack size. Scramble use and recommend these nets in combination with their G-Mod tarps.

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Sea To Summit
Equipment Category Shelter (Tarps, Tents, Accessories)
Purpose Hot Climate
Materials 15D Ultra-Vis 80 hole/cm² hexagonal mesh
Properties Ultralight, Compact
Dimensions 15 cm (L) x 8 cm (D)
Package Weight (approx.) 205 g / 7.23 oz
Item Weight 82 g / 2.89 oz

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Sea To Summit's I Person Nano Mosquito Pyramid Net

The Sea To Summit Nano Mosquito net is 60% lighter and half the bulk of their standard pyramid nets, Scramble use and recommend these nets in combination with their G-Mod 55 tarp (see image below). These nets are ideal for anyone travelling light with a tarp + bivvy setup in hot conditions where biting insects may be a nuisance or health risk. Weighing just 82g (stated weight including stuff sack - note: Scramble's test version weighed in at 87g), it's light enough to carry just in case.

In Scramble's 12 day Summer Kit Test (2018) it was required on 3 occasions and was the difference between a restful night's sleep and an uncomfortable one fighting off dive bombing mossies and midges. In Scramble's opinion an absolute essential (for the non-tent user) when travelling to any country that plays host to biting insects. 

The Nano Mosquito nets use an elasticised hanging cord and elasticised drawcord hem to keep the mesh under your mattress. 15D Ultra-Vis is a super light mesh with great visibility and air flow. These nets are coated in Permethrin, a safe yet highly effective enemy of mosquitos, ticks and midges.

About Permethrin (Wiki)

Permethrin kills ticks and mosquitos on contact with treated clothing. Permethrin is used in tropical areas to prevent mosquito-borne disease such as dengue fever and malaria. Mosquito nets used to cover beds may be treated with a solution of permethrin. This increases the effectiveness of the bed net by killing parasitic insects before they are able to find gaps or holes in the net. Military personnel training in malaria-endemic areas may be instructed to treat their uniforms with permethrin, as well. - Wikipedia

Technical Specification

  • Ultra compact 15D Ultra-Vis mesh
  • Fine 80 hole/cm² hexagonal mesh
  • Elasticised hem for secure mattress fitting
  • Elasticised hanging cord minimises snagging and aids in height adjustment
  • Asymmetric shape for improved headroom
  • Colour coded corners for easy set up

In Use: Under Scramble's G-Mod 55 (Summer Kit Test 2018)

Nano Mosquito Net Under Scramble's G-Mod 55

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