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Scramble G-Mod 55 Deluxe Solo / UL 2-Person Sil Tarp


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The G-Mod 55 is a minimalist deluxe solo / ultralight 2 person tarp designed to be setup quickly in harsh conditions with minimal fuss. Targeted specifically at bivy bag users, the 55 weighs ~400g, provides 5.5 sqm of cover and is designed to have one or two sides pegged tight to the ground, creating an effective wind / rain barrier in stormy conditions.

3 Year Warranty, 90 Day Returns

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Scramble
Equipment Category Shelter (Tarps, Tents, Accessories)
Purpose Ultralight Backpacking, Long Distance Trekking
Materials Main Fabric: 36g/sqm 20D Silicone Coated 360T Ripstop Nylon || Attachment Points: 420D PU Coated Ripstop Cordura
Properties Ultra Lightweight, Very Small Packsize
Dimensions In Use: 5.46 sqm (260 cm x 210 cm) || Min Pack Size: 18cm (L) x 8 cm (D)
Package Weight (approx.) 480 g / 16.93 oz
Item Weight ~400 g / 14.11 oz (incl. Stuff Sack) (+/- 20g)

More info

Scramble's G-Mod 55 Deluxe Solo / Ultralight 2-Person Tarp

The G-Mod 55 is a minimalist deluxe solo / ultralight 2 person tarp designed to be setup quickly in harsh conditions with minimal fuss. Targeted specifically at bivvy bag users, the G-Mod 55 provides 5.5 sqm of cover and is designed to have one or two sides pegged tight to the ground, creating an effective wind and rain barrier in stormy conditions.

Colour-coded, high retraction attachment loops aid setup in low light conditions and help reduce stress on ultralight tarp poles in high winds, while Cordura reinforcements and Dyneema/Polyester cord loops offer superb tear resistance and load tolerance.

With an impressively small pack size and weighing in at around 400g (including stuff sack) the G-Mod 55 makes for a highly protective and spacious shelter easily capable of accomodating two bivvy bag users. For solo long distance trekking the extra space it provides just makes everything so much easier and more enjoyable.

We strongly recommend looking over Scramble's full outline of the G-Mod 55 (which has higher resolution product images) and also their companion piece "Reasons To Go Modular" to see why the G-Mod tarps were developed and the issues they were designed to remedy.

Note 1: Poles, tent pegs, guy lines etc. are not included (we have to say that).

Materials & Design:

In simple terms the G-Mod 55 is just a larger version of its smaller siblings the G-Mod 35 and 38; Scramble wanted to maintain the same minimalist principles behind these smaller tarps, but due to some important prerequisite demands they had for the G-Mod 55, there's a little more going on:

  1. [ Protection ] The G-Mod 55 allows two adjacent sides to be sealed to the ground whilst not sacrificing over-head cover. This ensures that in bad conditions the user is completely sheltered from lateral precipitation.
  2. [ Headroom ] The G-Mod 55 is designed to work with two DAC Featherlite NSL poles. A "front" 3-section 10.5mm pole that stands 123cm tall and a back 2-section 9mm pole that stands 80cm tall. This combination provides excellent headroom, allowing the user to sit upright with plenty of overhead cover. Obviously the 55s will work with any poles, but Scramble rate the DAC poles for those that don't use trekking poles.
  3. [ Pest Control ] The G-Mod 55 was tested in conjunction with ultralight bug / mosquito nets. The major weakness of the tarp + bivvy bag setup is the lack of any meaningful barrier between the user and biting insects. Scramble recommend the excellent Sea To Summit Nano Solo Net.
  4. [ Simplicity, Ease of Use ] The G-Mod 55 is designed to be so quick and easy to setup that it also functions as a quick shelter for short breaks on long treks, whether to shelter from incessant rain or baking sun.

Headroom while sitting under a G-Mod 38 compated with competition

Made in the UK (kind of)

The G-Mod uses a material made by Geertop, originally developed for super-light tent footprints. Tent footprints need to be more waterproof than tarps since when you step on saturated ground your weight forces water up through the fabric whereas with a tarp rain just falls and slides off. This material is really too light for an effective footprint but is ideal for tarps.

G-Mod 35 and 55 Tarp materials

The main tarp material is imported prefabricated (silicone coated, edged and seam-sealed) from Hong Kong along with the stuff sacks. Stuff sack cord, cord stoppers, tarp attachment material and attachment loop cord is all imported from Germany. These are then stitched by Scramble's textile partners in the UK and Scramble finish them off by waterproofing the attachment points and adding the various attachment loops.

G-Mod 55 Attachment Points


Highly Waterproof

  • Main Fabric: 36g / sqm 20D silicone coated 360T ripstop nylon
  • Hydrostatic Head: The silicone coated, low denier, high thread count material provides a water-tight (and nearly air-tight) shelter with a hydrostatic head of 8,000mm - significantly higher than most ultralight tarps.


  • Sqm: 5.46 square meters (260cm x 210cm) provides good cover for 2 bivvy bag users lying down or seated, with enough headroom (100cm) for cooking under, getting changed, and packing / unpacking your gear.


  • Tear Reistance: Attachment points employ a one-piece, wrap-around design which means less points of failure. 420D PU coated ripstop Cordura has outstanding tear resistance.
  • Load tolerance: All 12 attachment points feature 1.5mm Dyneema / Polyester cord loops, which have a breaking strength of ~125 kilos yet each 20cm loop weighs just 0.32g.
  • Strain Reduction: Each corner and the 2 side points 80cm from the rear have an additional attachment option: 3mm high retraction elastic cord (substantially stronger and much less give than traditional shock / bungee cord) for when you need to reduce the strain on ultralight tarp poles in high winds.
  • Poles: G-Mod Tarps will work with any poles but have been designed especially with the excellent DAC Featherlite NSL poles in mind.

Colour Coding

  • High Viz & Black: In poor light it's not always easy to see which is the long side, so the attachment loops are colour coded with the symmetrical points using high viz yellow dyneema loops and the asymmetrical points using black dyneema loops. The elastic cord is also colour coded - grab the two corners with the white loops and you're holding the short "rear-end" of the tarp.

Pack Size:

  • Min Pack Size (Tightly Wrapped): Approx. 18cm (L) x 8cm (D)
  • Standard Pack Size (Flat): 18cm (L) x 10cm (W) x 5cm (D)

Warranty & Repair

Scramble's G-Mod tarps all come with a 3 year warranty should they fail and that failure is their fault (i.e. due to manufacture / workmanship). Depending on the nature of the problem Scramble offer a simple repair, replace or refund policy.

If the failure is the fault of the customer Scramble will provide support and advice on how best to remedy the issue. Part of Scramble's long testing process included stress tests to failure to test the durability of the materials and to see how easy the tarps were to repair in the field. If you rely on your tarp we strongly recommend carrying a small length of PSP Spinnaker Repair Tape and a small tube of PU based seam sealer. If you use an inflating sleeping mat of any description you probably already have a PU based adhesive / sealer as part of the repair kit.

Note: Propping up the tarp with a pole, trekking pole, branch, ice axe or anything else where the end of that item is pushing directly on the main tarp material will immediately void the warranty - that's what the attachment points are for. We know you wouldn't do this, but some people aren't so smart.


Washing Instructions

Do NOT machine wash. The G-Mod tarps will last much longer if they never see the inside of a washing machine.
To wash simply wipe down the top side with a sponge and lukewarm soapy water. Then hose off with cold water from a hose or shower.

No need to clean the underside. If there is dirt on the underside let it dry off and then simply shake it loose or dust it off. Scramble have never never had to wash the underside (it's very hard for stuff to stick to silicone). If you do feel the need, then just use a sponge and cool water (no need for soap).

Leave it somewhere to hang and dry naturally (it will dry very quickly even indoors). Do NOT tumble dry or dry next to a heat source !!!


Occasionally it's sensible to re-proof your tarp. How often will depend on many factors, like the conditions it's used in and the amount of use. We recommend Nikwax's Tent & Gear SolarProof

If you're not using it a great deal in the sun (i.e. it's mainly a nighttime shelter and you're up and running during the day) then you can also use Nikwax's TX.Direct.

Always use the spray on versions NOT the wash in (that's more applicable for garments and we want to avoid washing machines).

Home storage

Simply make sure the tarp is dry before long term storage. Obvious, but hey.

In Use

All Scramble products, no matter how benign or innocent looking, are shipped with a standard disclaimer that basically says in legal parlance, that you agree to use the product at your own risk.

Scramble's G-Mod 55

G-Mod 55 (Side View)

Scramble's G-Mod 55 (Back View)

Scramble's G-Mod 55 (full protection)

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