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Koss KSC75 Compatible Headband (Parts Express)


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Koss KSC75 compatible headband by Parts Express for Koss and Yuin clip-on headphones. Improves bass response and overall sound of clip-on headphones.

NOTE: This is for the Headband ONLY

MAX = 3 per Order

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£ 4.50

Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Parts Express
Equipment Category Audio
Sub-Type Headphone
Materials Steel
Properties Lightweight
Package Weight (approx.) 50 g / 1.76 oz
Item Weight 9 g / 0.32 oz

More info

Compatibility: Koss & Yuin

No one buys the "Parts Express Mini Stereo Lightweight Headphones" because they sound good (they're terrible); they buy them for the excellent headband. It's super-light, comfortable, surprisingly robust and most importantly it's compatible with a number of very good headphones:

  • Koss KSC75
  • Koss KSC35
  • Koss Porta Pro
  • Koss Sporta Pro
  • Yuin G1A
  • Yuin G2A

The headband improves the bass response and overall sound of these headphones by adding a very slight clamping pressure to the drivers, and eliminates the fuss of fitting the clips on the ear.

Headband and Adapter only

To keep postage costs to a minimum we sell just the headband with a 1/4" headphone adapter.

Useful Guide: Koss KSC75 Headband Mod

BloodyPenguin at put together a useful video showing how to fit your Yuin / Koss drivers to the Parts Express headband (subsequently replaced by this adequate video):

NOTE: the thing to remember with the Koss drivers it to mark on the lead which is left and right before detaching them from their clip-ons, since there is no indication on the actual drivers.

What Parts Express reviewers said: 

KOSS: Koss K S C 7 5!

The drivers that come with these headphones are almost useless. But who cares, no one buys them for that.
The headband though, it's quite wonderful. Love how light weight it is, how easily it fits the Koss KSC75 and how simple it is to adjust on your head. I'm starting to think Parts-Express could save a few cents and start selling JUST the headband.

KOSS: Worked like a charm for my Koss KSC75 headphones

I threw away the phones and just used the band for my Koss KSC75 headphones. Big improvement in comfort and bass performance. I like that they include a 1/4" converter too.

YUIN: Another Bought-It-Just-For-The-Headband Review...

It cracks me up that most of the reviews here are by people who bought this unit just to get the headband for converting audiophile earclips to headphones! Add me to the list.

Editor's Note

For those outdoor types who are not fans of ear buds or IEMs and don't like accessorising with kindling and gaffa tape, you're in the right place.

Broken Headphones - Solution Parts Express Headband