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Nordisk Abel +10

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The ideal synthetic outer bag (for a modular sleep system) to pair with an ultralight 1 season down bag (like Alpkit's Cloud Cover) extending two "1 season" bags down to zero degrees and a little below. Scramble's top pick in the 1 Season "Jungle Bag" and 3 Season Outer category.  

Sizing: L = 215cm, XL = 230cm (see sizing below)

Colour: Peridot Green

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Nordisk
Equipment Category Sleep (Sleeping Bags, Mats etc)
Purpose Modular 3 Season Outer Bag, Lightweight Synthetic 2 Season Bag
Materials Outer: Polyester (Thread Count: 195T); Inner: Polyester (Thread Count: 260T); Insulation: Norguard S-PO 80 (High Loft Synthetic Fibre)
Properties Lightweight, Spacious, Small Pack Size
Height 215 cm (L), 230 cm (XL)
Width 85 cm (L, Widest) / 50 cm (L, Narrowest), 88 cm (XL, Widest) / 50 cm (XL, Narrowest)
Package Weight (approx.) 900 g / 31.75 oz (L), 950 g / 33.51 oz (XL)
Item Weight 750 g / 26.46 oz (L), 800 g / 28.22 oz (XL), add 65 g for compression sack

More info

Nordisk's Abel +10 Sleeping Bag - A Rare Find

With the Abel +10, Nordisk have inadvertently created a sleeping bag ideally suited to modularity; its use of synthetic fill, its dimensions and importantly its light weight make the Abel +10 an ideal outer bag for a lightweight modular system. The Abel +10 pairs extremely well with ultralight (300 - 500g) 1 season down sleeping bags. Synthetic bags are far better in wet conditions and thus make excellent outer bags helping keep the down dry and lofting.

For a detailed look at both the Abel +10 (and more images) and an outline of the modular approach in general please see Scramble's detailed review here.

The Modular Approach

The simple idea is that, in dry warm conditions the down bag on its own makes for a great ultralight trekking option. If conditions are likely to be warm yet saturated (think jungle or disappointing UK summers) you use the Abel +10 instead. These two bags can then combine to make a light 3 season bag (for wet and colder conditions, with the down bag on the inside - see pic below) that will serve you down to around 0°C (and a little below, Scramble have tested Alpkit's Cloud Cover with the Abel 10+ down to -2°C, with only regular thermal sleepwear, no insulated jackets etc.).

Alpkit's Cloud Cover inside the Abel +10

Additionally, the down bag can also be used inside your winter bag to extend its range (with Scramble's recommended options) down to between -25°C (down bag plus synthetic sub zero bag) and at least -40°C (with all 3 bags employed). This system is extremely flexible and ultimately less expensive than a single winter-weight down bag that will only be good for very cold and dry conditions. 


The stated length of the Abel +10 is 215 cm (L) and 230 cm (XL). These measurements are from the foot to the top of the hood. Nordisk recommend an allowance of between 20 to 30 cm for the hood. So, to figure out which size is right for you:

Take your height in cm, add 25 cm (and if used as a modular bag, add 5 cm more). So for example, if you're 5ft 11" (180 cm) and you want to use this bag with the Cloud Cover:

180 + 25 + 5 = 210 cm. So here the Large would be fine.

More simply, we'd say that if used as a modular bag, then if you're under 6ft then go for the Large, if you're over 6ft 1" certainly consider the XL. If you're 6ft - 6ft 1" then think about the bag you're going to put inside it, the L may still be fine.

If this isn't going to be used as a modular bag, and you're using the Abel +10 on its own, then L should be fine for 6ft 2" and below.


The Abel +10's outer shell is made using DWR coated 210T 68D polyester. The polyester lining uses a 50D high thread count polyester with a comfortable brushed finish. The synthetic fill is Nordisk's proprietary Norguard S-PO 80. The sleeping bag has been tested in accordance with EN 13537 and has a comfort limit of +10°C.


Outer Material: Polyester (Thread Count): 195T
Inner Material: Polyester (Thread Count): 260T
Insulation: Norguard S-PO 80 (High Loft Synthetic Fibre) L / XL 220g / 225g
Dimensions (L, max body length = 195cm): Length / Width top / Width bottom 215 / 85 / 50 cm
Dimensions (XL, max body length = 205cm): Length / Width top / Width bottom 230 / 88 / 50 cm
Measured Weight (L) with1 / without2 stuff sack +65g 813g1 / 748g2
Approx Weight (XL) with1 / without2 stuff sack +65g ~865g1 / ~800g2
Temperature specifications according to EN 13537 (Comfort Limit / Extreme) 10 °C (50 ℉) / -2 °C (28.4 ℉)
Pack size (relaxed / compressed)  +1cm in length for XL 15 x 30 cm / 15 x 24 cm

Scramble's Summary of the Abel +10

Finding a lightweight 1 season synthetic bag is not a problem. Marmot, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear and Vaude all make such bags. Vaude's 630g Sioux 100 SYN is a good example, as is Nordisk's ultralight Oscar, weighing in at just 332g. However, none of these bags will host another lightweight bag inside them. Their effectiveness relies on their confined mummy-shape reducing the capacity for "dead air", yet it's this "empty space" we require when we want an inner bag to loft and achieve its optimal thermal efficiency. The ideal modular 3 season outer bag needs to be somewhere between the strict mummy-shape of the Oscar (bottom left) and the rectangular design of Snugpak's Jungle Bag (top left).

The Abel +10 is the ideal design compromise for a 3 season outer

The Abel +10's rare "egg-shaped" design fits the bill perfectly. On its own the Abel +10 is a comfortable and effective warm / wet weather sleeping bag and when paired with an ultralight down bag such as Alpkit's Cloud Cover, the Abel +10 will provide a good nights sleep down to 0°C.

At some point outdoor manufacturers will embrace the modular approach; when they do Nordisk will have earned themselves a decent headstart; with their thoughtful, unfussy design the Abel +10 will make an excellent template for the ideal lightweight outer bag.

From Scramble's review:

The Abel +10 during Scramble's test