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Scramble Tower 11L Pack Extender - HIT

New product

Lightweight (135g) and highly durable, abrasion and weather resistant. With a high centre of gravity and relatively slim profile, the HIT Tower, made from 420D high tenacity nylon, provides 11L of added capacity and is designed to offer both protection for, and easy access to your gear while on the move.

Colours: Blue, Grey, Olive Green (and Black for a limited time)

3 Year Warranty

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Data sheet

Brand / Manufacturer Scramble
Equipment Category Carry (Packs, Bags, Pouches)
Purpose Backpack, Rucksack Side Pockets, Side Pouches, Pack Extenders
Materials 420D High Tenacity Nylon (225 g/sm)
Treatments Inner: PU Coating; Outer: DWR (native factory application)
Properties Durable, Abrasion Resistant, Water-Resistant, Lightweight, Easy Access, High Centre of Gravity
Dimensions (H x W x D) 50 x 15 x 15cm
Package Weight (approx.) 200 g / 7.05 oz
Item Weight 135 g / 4.76 oz

More info

Lightweight, Weather Resistant and Durable Protection for all the Gear you Need to Hand

For a deeper dive into the Towers, see Scramble's Product Release post here, their review here and their post on Design & Materials here.

Aside from the X-PAC model, the HIT is perhaps the best all-round performer and the closest to what Scramble originally envisaged for the Tower. Suitable for general mountain trekking, scrambling, climbing and an ideal balance between weight and protection. The 420 denier high tenacity nylon is very strong, has excellent tear and abrasion resistance and comes with a substantial inner PU coating and factory applied DWR, making it highly weather-resistant.

The Tower is designed to extend a pack's capacity while ensuring its user has quick and easy access to the gear they might need whilst on the go. The Tower has been designed to work with pretty much any pack that can host a closed-cell foam sleeping mat.

By employing a tall, square-based cuboid design, the Towers maximise capacity whilst minimising width profile. The Tower's 50cm height will accomodate many packable trekking and tent/tarp poles, while strategically placed attachment loops ensure the Towers are secured high on the pack, providing a high centre of gravity and consequently an agile, comfortable and balanced "ride".

High centre of gravity without a wide profile

Even the lightest of the Towers are made from the kind of materials generally reserved for high stress areas on many packs. Packs by Black Diamond and Osprey for example often use a common combination of 210D nylon (for the body) and 420D nylon in high abrasion areas; the HIT Tower uses a PU coated, 420D high tenacity nylon (at the extreme end of the Tower range the ~200g heavy duty DURAs use up to 1000D Cordura or 850D Ballistic Nylon).

All the Towers feature an inner waterproof coating, the attachment loop stitching is sealed, as is all the stitching around the roof section. All Towers feature a waterproof cap to ensure rain-water run-off falls away from the zip enclose (these also double as a grab tab to aid zip opening and closure). The HIT models come with a native DWR surface application.

Tower 11L Features

The Towers provide 4 top compression strap loops (though are designed to use only one) to a) adjust the height at which the Tower is secured to the pack, b) to provide additional security should compression straps loosen, and c) to ensure the compression strap is easily available when re-securing the Tower to the pack.

The beauty of the Tower is that being so tough, it allows the use of ultralight dry bags inside, so even if you take the heaviest models like the DURA1000 and include a large Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Nano 8L dry bag (24g), the total weight is still a fraction less than an Ortlieb 13L (really 12L) PD350 dry bag. But with the Tower you get tougher protection, a narrower profile, a higher centre of gravity and much more convenient access to your gear (pictured above and below is the HIT model in grey).

Tower 11L Easy Access

Finally, the reason Scramble called these "pack extenders" rather than "side pockets" or "side pouches" is that they can also be added to the backs of certain packs. They work well, for example, attached to the back of a Blue Ice Dragonfly (making for an ultra-lightweight < 500g) ~30L pack. However, on larger packs this is only advisable if the weight isn't too high, as they will affect the centre of gravity and may negatively impact pack balance and comfort (whereas this doesn't happen when attached to the side of packs). 

For an extensive overview of Scramble's Tower please see their outline "Scramble's Tower 11L Full Zip Pack Extender". For an in-depth post describing their design criteria, choice of materials and why Scramble made them, see "Accentuate The Positives, Eliminate The Negatives".

Tower 11L Capacity

Attributes Table

Summary from Scramble's Outline:

"Our favourite packs are the Karrimor SF Predator 30 and the Blue Ice Warthog 40. The Scramble Tower is the perfect companion for both of these and pretty much all 30L+ packs on the market. [...]  We looked at a large number of 60L packs and noted their weights. If you add a couple of Towers to the Blue Ice Warthog 40 for example, you end up with a very comfortable, agile, incredibly tough 60L pack that weighs just 1370g (much lighter than the vast majority of 60L packs out there). Since testing, the Scramble team have dumped their pouches, pockets and heavy duty dry bags. I have to admit I've done the same, it's basically solved all my load extension issues and has meant that as long as my 30/40L pack of choice can handle the load (which it can) I can seriously extend its capacity and thus extend my range, especially in Winter when kit is always bulkier and heavier and at the same time reduce my overall pack weight.

Furthermore, it enables buyers of new packs to consider a different approach; being able to opt for a tough minimalist climbing pack knowing it can be configured and extended for touring / backpacking with the use of a Tower or two. The outdoor industry might not appreciate selling less packs, but at Scramble we've always had the view that one or two packs should really suffice (a small 20L pack and a 30/40L pack that can be extended to around 60L). The Tower makes that ideal a genuine reality."

HIT Specification

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 15 x 15 x 50cm
  • Capacity: 11.25L
  • Weight: 135g
  • HIT Attributes: light/mid-weight, strong, highly abrasion and weather resistant
  • Designed: UK (England)
  • Manufactured: UK (Scottish West Highlands)

HIT Materials & Treatments

  • Main Material: 420D (225gsm) High Tenacity Nylon
  • Inner Treatments: PU Coated
  • Surface Treatments: DWR (native factory application)
  • Seam Sealing: Stitching on all attachment loops and roof section is seam sealed
  • Thread: Heavy duty bonded rot-proof nylon
  • Zips: YKK Vislon (plastic moulded, water-resistant)

Warranty & Aftercare

1. Warranty & Repair

Scramble's 11L Towers all come with a 3 year warranty should they fail and that failure is Scramble's fault (i.e. due to manufacture / workmanship). Depending on the nature of the problem Scramble offer a simple repair, replace or refund policy.

Note: Using the Tower in any way other than its intended usage, i.e. using it as a bag, hanging it fully loaded via its attachment loops etc. will void the warranty (we know you wouldn't do these things, but some people aren't so smart). The attachment loops, though very strong and likely capable of handling such loads, are there as guides for webbing straps and for cinching the Tower to a pack to aid stability.


2. Aftercare

Washing Instructions

Do NOT machine wash. The Tower will last much longer if it never sees the inside of a washing machine.

To wash simply wipe down with a sponge and lukewarm soapy water. Then rinse off with cold water from a tap, hose or shower.

Leave it somewhere to hang and dry naturally (it will dry reasonably quickly even indoors). Do NOT tumble dry or dry next to a heat source !!!



The occasional spray of Nikwax's Tent & Gear SolarProof and/or Nikwax's TX Direct will help to keep the Tower UV and water-resistant. Once or twice a year is generally sufficient, but of course this depends very much on usage.

Always use the spray on versions NOT the wash in (that's more applicable for garments and we want to avoid washing machines).

For the HEX models we recommend brush coating with Fabsil or Fabsil Gold.



Home storage

Simply make sure the Tower is dry before long term storage. Obvious, but hey.